Liam is one of the founding members of Big Generator and takes up the rhythm Guitar / Keyboard slot in the band and also shares lead vocals with Paul & Ed.

Liam is and has always been a keen songwriter bring many new ideas to the plate weekly from his Shannon based recording studio.

Liam remains as passionate as ever about Big Generator and thrives on always trying to deliver the best show possible, entertaining and connecting with the crowd is paramount in Liams mind and a top priority.

Paul (aka Frostie) is a long term member of Big Generator and over the years has been able to move within different roles within the band.

Paul is the bass player and one of the lead vocalists in Big generator and is very loyal to his rock influences taking care of the high end notes vocally that only dogs can hear.
Ed started off as a fan and close friend of the band back in London in the 90's, providing equipment, late night directions and even making it onto the single inlay for the bands 1996 hit single "dont walk away".

Ed worked from a young age in a top London recording studio where he got to work with alot of famous artists and producers, allowing him to learn his craft and also allowed him to play on alot of tracks as a session guitarist.

Ed moved to Ireland in 2002 and continued recording from his own studio in Portumna Co. Galway and got asked to join and help record various well known irish acts along the way who he had moderate chart and radio success with.

Ed joined Big Generator on his birthday in 2012 it was like coming home, it felt as if he was always suppossed to be there.
Tony is the newest recruit to Big Generator, based in Woodford Co. Galway he is one of the most naturally talented drummers we've ever met....

Tony lives, eats and sleeps drums and is strongly influenced by drummers such as Travis Barker, Mike Portnoy, Daniel Adair and Tommy Lee makes him ideal to deliver the power required in the Big G drum seat.